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100% Made in Italy, the brave choice of Bianconiglio Kids

Yesterday we mentioned, speaking of the great world economies among which China is growing towards the first place, that our strategy is to remain in Italy with production.

We explain why, in our opinion, Italy will still be a craft excellence, despite (or perhaps thanks to) bureaucracy.

The choice to maintain production in Italy is above all linked to the great capacity and experience of our artisans and to the passion that unites them.

There are also many difficulties with stricter rules for certifications, quality controls, fair wages, hiring protection and layoffs, which make companies sometimes rigid with changes.


We of Bianconiglio Kids, we turned to companies, sometimes in difficulty or with a production margin to fill, but that because of the peculiarity of the Italian system held back great skills and all the certifications we were looking for.


We found great energy and a desire for revenge, and we started working together.

Now we are a tight-knit craft group, which constantly improves (10% of our turnover is spent on research and development), in which over 50% of women and mothers work, putting our products into production same care and attention that they would use for their children.

Passion, creativity, energy and lifestyle, qualities that can be found in Made in Italy.

Passion – Our employees are micro-entrepreneurs in their own small way and feel part of the company in their successes and difficulties, operating as a true sports team. This mentality and way of doing are peculiar to our region and are a wealth that is transmitted to products and in an exceptional customer service.
Competence – in Italy many of the most modern and sought after pedagogical methods have been developed and in our staff we have people with studies and international academic qualifications in teaching disciplines in kindergarten that provide constant ideas to innovate design in a conscious and consistent way with the best teaching methods of reference (Montessori, Steiner, Malaguzzi, Pickler, etc.).
Creativity – Original models, designed on the most modern pedagogical bases, inspired by Montessori, Steiner, Malaguzzi, Pickler, and designed in full Italian style with a timeless aesthetic taste.
Energy – In today’s context, there is sometimes a lack of desire to do and get involved. In Bianconiglio Kids these characteristics are common to all our collaborators
Lifestyle – Whoever visits our country has the opportunity to find out where the tradition of art, aesthetics, innovation and research of the most elegant and simple solution to improve everyone’s lifestyle is born.
Safety – Italy finally has one of the most stringent and most accurate control systems in the world at all stages of the production chain, guaranteeing not only a high quality product, but also a long lasting brand sustainability.

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