Create unforgettable moments of parent-child complicity

We at Bianconiglio Kids are like: do we want the best for our children? Do we want them to remember us and what we have taught them?

Increasing the skills and abilities of your children is right, but you also need to create moments together that can be remembered and will remain in memory, helping to shape the character and their self-esteem.

What better method than Montessori to increase self-esteem and independence?


Giustina is the pedagogist teacher who dictates the specifications of everything that is created and also the mother who judges the products with the heart.


Thanks to the hand of our designers, all our products are pleasant and special at the same time


Our products bring with them the love for wood, the attention to detail and the small imperfections of the manual workings of our artisans, fathers and mothers in turn.


Even if competitive pressure drives many companies to turn to foreign industries, we remain Italian, like the Montessori method and our immense history.
learning tower bianconiglio kids complicità adulto bambino

Our greatest passion

Creating value, adding something to our children’s lives, sharing experiences, moments or even just a look, creating memories, experiences.

Our being consists of moments that are so ephemeral and so important that they are remembered for years.

Do you recognize yourself in our values?

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