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Chocolate Cheesecake

By 7 November 2018November 11th, 2018No Comments

We are not ready yet at the end of the summer .... a cheesecake without cooking!
Changes in colors and textures in this recipe a little magic.

Shopping list
  • 230gr            Biscuits
  • 250 ml          Sweetened cream
  • 400gr           Spreadable cheese
  • 80gr              Butter
  • 1 cucchiaio   Hazelnut cream
  •                        Colored sugars

First, we break the biscuits. Children can place them in a freezer bag and we press them with a rolling pin into a powder
Adult: explains how cookies are fragile and delicate.
If they are pressed, they will break.

learning tower moka bianconiglio kids white
learning tower moka bianconiglio kids white

Melt the butter in a pan (or microwave).
Adult: explains that certain foods with the heat change state (from solid to liquid).

Combine butter and biscuits. Take a thick glass and press the mixture into the coated mold of baking paper. Lay it in refrigerator for at least 15 minutes.

learning tower moka bianconiglio kids white
Bianconigliokids lifetogether cheesecake

Whip the sugar-sweetened cream with electric mixer.
Adult: explains how certain foods change texture and volume if incorporate air (whipped cream, egg whites)

Add the hazelnut cream with cream cheese.
Adult: explains how food color changes if we combine two differently colored compounds.

learning tower moka bianconiglio kids white
learning tower moka bianconiglio kids white

Combine the two mixtures delicately.
Puts the child's attention on the new change of color.

Pour the mixture of cream into the mold. Garnish with a fork, creating waves and sprinkle with colored sugar or chocolate chips.
Let stand in refrigerator at least 3 hours before serving.

learning tower moka bianconiglio kids white

Step by step

Look at the gallery of the preparation to follow the recipe and the highlights step by step.

Tips for you

In order to allow children to reach the work plan in total safety we always use the Learning Tower.

Choose the one that’s right for you:

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