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School Line

Montessori furniture for Inclusive and Creative Learning

A new learning experience

Explore our School Line, born from the intersection of different worlds that converge towards the goal of providing an enriching and stimulating educational environment. Contact us to discover customised offers and enrich your school with furniture designed specifically to promote learning according to Montessori principles.

IKI Series


The IKI Series draws its inspiration from the Japanese word 'IKIGAI', which represents the 'meaning of life'. This concept fits perfectly with Montessori pedagogy, as it aims to create order, concentration and well-being in the classroom. These IKI storage units offer a functional style and design that reflects the idea of a 'Quiet Room', a place of calm and concentration.

ESTRO Series


The Experience Islands, part of the ESTRO Series, are designed to stimulate children's creativity and feelings. The name 'ESTRO' represents the area of experience that is stimulated in young learners. These elements encourage children to express their inner world in an intelligible way, exploring different modes of expression and acquiring new skills.

BLOOM Series


The BLOOM Series represents the idea of natural, healthy growth, like a blooming flower. This section offers furniture that supports concentration and physical activity. The ergonomic chairs, which can be adapted to the different stages of a child's muscular development, allow a natural and comfortable posture. This allows children to concentrate on their mental activity with mental and physical well-being.

MORPH Series


The MORPH Series celebrates the fluidity of nature and its constant process of evolution. These tables are designed to adapt to the needs of the classroom environment. They can be arranged in precise shapes, spiralling or like petals of a flower, creating visual harmony and stimulating concentration. The natural element of MORPH harmonises the environment, promoting deep learning.

Montessori furniture for Inclusive and Creative Learning

The Bianconiglio Kids School Line combines the creativity of design with the pedagogical inspiration of Montessori, offering an educational environment in which every detail supports the children's learning process.

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