Transmission data security

Data security is important to us, and we are a certified company.

What is an SSL certificate

SSL or “Secure Sockets Layer” is a protocol designed to enable applications to transmit information safely and securely. Applications that use SSL certificates are able to manage the sending and receiving of security keys and encrypt / decrypt the information sent using the same keys.

How does SSL work

Some applications are already able to receive connections through the use of ‘SSL, these include web browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, mail handling programs such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail app, and SFTP (Secure File programs Transfer Protocol).

To establish a secure SSL connection requires that your application has a security key, the key that must be assigned by an authority in charge that will release in the form of certificate.

Validation Types

  • Validation via domain authentication:
    The authentication process verifies that the applicant has administrator permissions for the domain for which you are requesting the certificate.
  • Validation through authentication Office:
    validation includes checking the company, domain verification and that the contact requesting the certificate on behalf of the company or organization is actually an employee of the company.
  • Extended Validation (Bianconiglio Kids):
    This is the highest level of authentication available for an SSL certificate and it needs an agreement signed between the contact and the company that will issue the certificate.

the White Rabbit Kids Site Safety Audit

The body responsible for the PCI Security Standards is an open global forum dedicated to the development, enhancement, storage, distribution and implementation of security standards for account of data protection.

Through the tools provided by PCI it was performed in the security of the site evaluation process Bianconiglio Kids published here for your reading and information.

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