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Are you not fully satisfied with your order or have you found any defects?

No problem: you can request a return, a repair or a replacement via Easy Return

Write to us at [email protected] Once the request is complete, the courier will collect the parcel directly from your home.

within 7 days


If you receive a broken or damaged product or it is not the one you requested.

within 14 days


You can still withdraw from the purchase and be reimbursed. Discover the conditions.

within 30 days


You can return the item and receive a refund or a voucher.

within 24 months


You can always use the guarantee in case of problems, up to 24 months from delivery.



Items returned as incorrect, damaged or defective.

If you return an item due to our mistake or because the item is damaged, defective or not what you ordered, and it was not possible to repair or replace it, you will be refunded the item cost, the costs shipping incurred to receive it and those eventually addressed to return the item itself.

Bianconiglio Kids will check all items that have been returned as damaged or defective. In the event that no defect is found, we reserve the right to charge shipping costs.



If you are a consumer, you can exercise the right of withdrawal, ie decide to return the item to the seller without having to provide any reasons, within 14 calendar days of delivery (or delivery of the last item, in case of separate deliveries).

If you purchase as a “consumer” and return within 14 days of delivery, you will be reimbursed the price paid for the item and shipping costs related to the most economical shipping method available when ordering.

The cost of returning the item to Bianconiglio Kids will not be refund and will remain your responsibility.

We will not refund the costs of the gift pack and other extra services associated with your order.



In addition to your rights deriving from the law, the items sold by Bianconiglio Kids (with the exception of products for which the right of withdrawal is excluded by law) can be returned within 30 days of delivery.

You can return the products purchased from Bianconiglio Kids up to 30 calendar days from the date of delivery of the same. In this case we will refund the cost of the item. You will not be reimbursed for shipping costs incurred to receive the product, gift box, or other services associated with your purchase.

The costs of returning the item will not be reimbursed but will remain at your expense.

We will not reimburse the costs of the gift pack and other extra services associated with your order.



Every product sold by Bianconiglio Kids to a “consumer” buyer is assisted by the legal guarantee on consumer goods, which covers the conformity defects that occur within 24 months from the date of delivery of the goods.

What is the standard warranty?

This is the warranty on the sale of consumer goods provided for in the Community Directive 1999/44 / EC, also called “conformity guarantee”, which protects you in the event that the products you buy show defects of conformity with the sales contract (“Warranty Legal”).

This happens, for example, in the case of products that malfunction, which can not be used in the manner stated by the seller or for the purposes for which products of the same type are generally used, which do not have the characteristics or qualities promised by the seller or that do not respond to the use for which you purchased them.

What is the duration of the legal warranty?

The Legal Warranty covers the conformity defects that occur within 24 months from the date of delivery of the product you purchased, even if at that date the defect was not immediately verifiable. To do so, you must notify the seller of the defect within 2 months from when you discovered it.

What rights does the Legal warranty give me?

If the product you have purchased has a defect covered by the Legal Warranty, you have the right, without having to bear any costs, to repair or replace the defective product by the seller.

You have the right to reduce the price or to cancel the contract in the following cases:

  • if the replacement or repair of the product is not possible or is excessively burdensome;
  • if the replacement or repair of the product has caused you major inconveniences.

To determine the amount of the price reduction or the amount to which you are entitled in these cases we take into account the use you made of the product. Keep in mind that a minor defect for which it has not been possible or it is excessively burdensome to carry out remedial or repair remedies does not entitle you to terminate the contract.

What to do in the presence of a lack of conformity?

To receive warranty assistance on products sold by Bianconiglio Kids you can contact Customer Service by clicking HERE.

The operators of our Customer Service will help you solve the problem encountered in using the product you have purchased.

If it emerges that the problem arises from a lack of conformity, a file will be opened in your name and you will be assigned an order code for the repair or free replacement of the defective product under warranty.

Please note that in the event of a replacement, we will deliver the replacement product within a reasonable time and you will be required to return the non-conforming product at the same time as the replacement product.


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