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Giulia makes her children feel “up”

We met a very sweet girl, with many good intentions and a desire to do.

Giulia Pettinato, author of the cover photos for the launch of Bianconiglio Kids MOKA XL tower, is a girl who likes to tell herself with short stories, very beautiful and poetic, every day.

The photos he makes are full of color and energy and reflect his personality. Here are those taken for the launch campaign.

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Giulia Pettinato thus begins the story associated with the photo of our MOKA XL tower, and continues: …

It is always nice to feel up to it.
I have always tried,
I have always tried to succeed in everything I did.
I have always been afraid to disappoint others.
But I did it for others and never for myself.
So in anything I didn’t come out as planned, I was never happy.
In every circumstance, I felt that I could give more, and I tried.
All the times that I didn’t succeed, a stroke of failure.
From when I have three smiles in the house that they appreciate me for what I am, it is different.
Now I try it.
Now I try.
I try to be myself, to like myself more, to believe in me.
I have always tried to like it, and never like it.
From today on I will always want to live up to it.

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MOKA XL Giulia Pettinato

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Thanks to the more generous dimensions, the solid and protective design and the adjustable shelves, the MOKA XL tower is ideal to allow the little ones to reach the “upper floors” where all the most interesting things happen, the ones that make the big ones.

The interest of children, who would like to imitate the adult, is always attracted by these mysterious activities that happen up there where they do not see and where they do not arrive.

They do not arrive because they are small in stature, and this condition makes them feel excluded, excluded because they are physically inadequate.

Often this unpleasant sensation generates disturbance and a desire for attention, which in turn turns into continuous appeals, whims and small teasing.

MOKA 2.0 XL Transparent - high position

With the Learning Towers it is possible to let the little ones participate, and make them feel welcomed and always “up to the top”

Discover the MOKA XL and the range of the Bianconiglio Learninglink Kids Tower produced


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