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Learning Tower, what is it?

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Create a special bond

Here’s what our customers say about the Bianconiglio Kids learning tower

this tower is truly a discovery! my baby is now 18 months old, but we have been using it since he was 1 year old. I put it next to me in the kitchen and he manages to help me while I prepare dinner or to wash hands alone !! recommended!! my baby loves it and always wants to climb over it

Amazon customersuper recommended

I chose this learning tower because, I'm honest, I liked it aesthetically. I was not disappointed, I would just like to mention that I had to unscrew and screw a screw because I had inserted a bit 'bad a piece and has dismembered all, forcing me to replace it. My child is learning to get on and off independently and in a while I'm sure he will help me to cook.

SilviaLearning tower beautiful and useful

at the beginning I was skeptical because of the height but I have to say that my daughter (19 months) has learned to climb by herself and she has a lot of fun with her mom

Simonawith full authonomy

The product is excellent, comes disassembled (like Ikea furniture) with instructions and is easy to assemble.
[...] The product is really solid, useful and very functional. The child easily ascends and descends safely, under the supervision of an adult and can play and collaborate in the kitchen or with adult activities. I highly recommend it

FloraExcellent solution for children to participate in your activities!

Moments of complicity

The first learning tower



The activities proposed by Maria Montessori were generally attributable to the family world and everyday life. The simplest tasks were to fold clothes, cut soft food, tidy clothespins, and other useful activities that they could easily handle. These actions gave the child the impression of being able to participate actively and in a useful way in daily activities, and relieved the adult of some simple tasks that were a waste of time.

Learning tower

The origins of the learning tower derive from the story of Maria Montessori. In fact, the tower is also called the Montessori learning tower.

Maria Montessori

finding herself having to work with children in a classroom and in an environment furnished with furniture for adults, Maria Montessori has created furniture and tools suitable for children.
In our homes we often can not change all the furniture in the same way. This tool allows to obtain results of collaboration and teaching similar to those of the Montessori classes.

the first learning tower

One of the most successful and most used objects to bring the child closer to the activities, was a chair with a wooden castle built on top to allow the child to be able to get on and stand on the chair, but in safety.
This object is known today as the Italian learning tower montessoriana or, in English, Learning Tower.

But how many risks do they run every day?

Advantages of learning tower

Here are the six main advantages of using the learning tower in the psycho-physical growth of the child:



The child feels secure in climbing the tower and relies with confidence on the barriers to be able to erect, to be able to hold, to be able to cling in case of need. The child then feels confident of his skills and can get to the upper floors without having to climb on uncomfortable and unstable supports.


The tower gives the child that feeling of autonomy in deciding if and when to go up or down, when to play or stop. This eliminates the sense of imposition derived from the adult's request or the need to ask the parent to be moved or let go.


The child feels that the parent trusts him. This increases self-esteem even more, and creates a different parent-child relationship: it is not an authoritarian relationship, but it is a collaborative relationship, much more fruitful for both the parent and the child.


The child feels protagonist, does not suffer the daily activities of the parent as a departure or a detachment. These activities, which the child first opposed, instead become an extra and very beautiful opportunity to work together, to collaborate, to spend precious moments together with the parent.


Autonomy and trust stimulate the moment of independence of the child. Independence is associated with the concept of responsibility: the child feels responsible for his actions because he is invested with the trust of the parent.


Perhaps this is the most important thing: the child is happy. The child feels involved, safe, esteemed, invested with the trust of the adult. Pass beautiful and useful moments together with parents, learn many things, and be happy. He feels satisfied and fulfilled.

The parenting dream

Vantaggi per i genitori

If the benefits of the child were enough as a motivation to buy the learning tower, there are also many advantages of the adult that can be considered as beneficial in using this tool.



Do you have all the moments when you need to get away from the child to do the daily chores? Do you know all the whims and complaints you have to face in these moments to be able to have an autonomy in carrying out these tasks?
These activities keep him busy, close and above all avoid situations of friction with children and replacing them completely with unforgettable moments of complicity and collaboration.


The learning tower must be able to guarantee the security of seeing that your child is able to climb and carry out the activities independently, without any danger to his safety.


The tower is an instrument on which the parent can rely and becomes especially useful when you want to keep the child close, but without interfering with the most dangerous activities you are doing.

Create a positive bond

By eliminating the moments of friction with the child and transforming them into constructive moments of working together, the learning tower creates unforgettable moments: a much more positive and collaborative link between the parent and the child.

More time

The tower, keeping the child occupied, creates much more useful time for the parent. Caring for household chores with the child allows them to be done faster, leaving much more time available for the adult.

Hands free

Very often, yielding to the continuous requests of the child, the adult is forced to pick up the child or keep it in the band or in a baby carrier. This situation greatly limits the freedom of the adult in carrying out the work and creates a great impediment.
With the tower, being the child on the safe and independent support, he leaves the adult with his hands free to perform his tasks quickly and safely.

Learning tower Bianconiglio Kids


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