Bianconiglio Kids ® KidSafe protective system for learning tower EVO / MOKA / TRS


  • Protective cover in soft natural cotton for learning tower MOKA and EVO
    Recommended in the first days of use of the Montessori tower and until the little ones can’t stand on their own
    The curtain protects the child at the top of the tower and prevents any falls backwards
    Easy to assemble, it moves easily during descent and ascent
    Exclusive patented accessory Bianconiglio Kids ®

In stock (can be backordered)

KidSafe is a protective fabric sheet that can be mounted on the EVO and MOKA learning towers to prevent falls backwards and slips. Our Montessori towers are already very solid and robust, but if your child is still small and a little uncertain on his legs, KidSafe is an indispensable accessory for your activities. Especially in the first few days of using the tower, it is best to be super safe!

Made of soft double-layered natural cotton, KidSafe is similar to a curtain, and easily moves away during the ascent and descent offering great freedom of movement. It must be inserted at the top in the rear protection bar and fixed at the bottom in the side holes of the tower: thus, if the child gets tired or loses balance, the sheet will support him – and there will be no need to interrupt the games!