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Ensuring Safety and Quality: The Choice of EN 71 Certification by Bianconiglio Kids

When it comes to products for our beloved children, safety always comes first. That is why Bianconiglio Kids has chosen to adopt the strict EN 71 certification for all its products, even if some are not toys but furniture. But why is this certification so important? And why do we choose to work so hard to ensure it?

EN 71 Certification: A Symbol of Safety and Quality

EN 71 is a set of European standards that establish safety requirements for toys. This certification was developed to ensure that toys offer a high level of safety for children, preventing potential risks from toxic materials, dangerous detachable parts and other hazards. Although this certification is specific to toys, we at Bianconiglio Kids have chosen to apply it to all our products, including furniture.

A Demonstration of Our Commitment

Choosing to apply EN 71 certification to all our products is a clear sign of our commitment to safety and quality. We are aware that even though our furniture is not a traditional toy, it can still come into contact with children and be part of their everyday environment. We want to ensure that every item we produce meets the highest safety standards, regardless of its function.

Safety As A Priority

Our decision to adopt EN 71 certification for our products reflects our commitment to creating a safe and secure environment for children. We want parents to feel safe and secure when purchasing and using our products. Every detail, from the choice of materials to the finish, is carefully considered to ensure that it is above the required safety standards.

Our Promise

In summary, EN 71 certification is our promise to ensure that every product that leaves our hands is designed and manufactured with safety and quality in mind. We want every child who comes into contact with our furniture to feel protected and safe. Choosing EN 71 certification goes beyond a mere formality: it is a commitment to the well-being of children and peace of mind for parents. Translated with (free version)