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by Bianconiglio Kids


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Bianconiglio Kids Futon Japanese Mattress, 100% Soft, Natural Untreated BIO Cotton, transforms the DONDO GYM into a Soft Cradle
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Comfort and breathability

Futon is made of very soft, multilayered organic cotton layers to ensure maximum comfort and breathability.

A Japanese-inspired product to absorb all the moisture the body releases during the night, able to clean itself with air every day.

Lightweight, comfortable, practical to clean, safe. Futon is able to absorb the surrounding moisture, improving the transpiration of the child's body and regulating its temperature, as well as being mite-resistant and therefore hypoallergenic.

Craftsmanship excellence

Our Futon is made with the utmost attention to detail and quality materials. We have chosen to work with Italian master craftsmen to ensure a high standard of experience. We only use organic cotton from sustainable, environmentally friendly cultivation.

This ensures that our futon is free of harmful chemicals and that its production has minimal impact on the environment.

Hypoallergenic Anti-mite

Our futon is specifically designed to ensure your child's safety and the prevention of allergy problems.

Its anti-bacterial and anti-mite design helps prevent the proliferation of bacteria and mites, which can cause skin irritation and health problems. In addition, the use of hypoallergenic materials makes it safe for baby to use without any risk of allergic reactions.

Lightweight and manoeuvrable

Futon is practical to roll up and store, and is light and manageable.

It is made from two layers of cotton, the thickness of the cotton layer ranges from a minimum of 1.6 cm to a maximum of 2.5 cm.

It dries perfectly with air.