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by Bianconiglio Kids

ONDA Montessori Bed

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The ONDA Bed offers comfort and style to your children's bedroom. A cozy place where dreams and special moments take shape. Learn more at Bianconiglio Kids
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The Montessori Bed that Inspires Autonomy and Peaceful Sleep

Welcome to the cosy and innovative world of ONDA, the Montessori cot that redefines the concept of sleep for your children.


Designed with passion and inspiration by the creative mind of Bianconiglio Kids®, ONDA is much more than just a cot: it is a handcrafted work of art that marries design, safety and Montessori pedagogical principles for a truly unique sleeping experience.

Montessori inspiration

ONDA follows the basic principles of the Montessori pedagogy, focusing on children's autonomy.


With a base raised off the ground and fitted with a birch slatted base, ONDA allows the little ones to climb in and out of their cot independently.

With the lowest point only 15 cm above the ground, children can move freely and safely, contributing to the development of their motor skills and self-esteem.

Optimal Functionality and Cleanliness

Not only is ONDA designed for the autonomy of children, but also for the convenience of parents.


Rolled off the floor at a height of 11 cm at the foot, it allows for easy cleaning, also ideal for those using robot hoovers.

This unique feature makes ONDA a practical and functional choice that adapts to the pace of modern life.

Healthy and Comfortable Sleep

ONDA's birch slatted frame not only ensures a comfortable sleep, but also promotes proper ventilation of the mattress. This contributes to a healthy sleeping environment, which is crucial for children's well-being.


The anti-roll side protectors ensure a peaceful sleep, underlining the commitment to their safety.


Reading headboardThe sloping headboard of ONDA is not just a design detail, but a window to a world of adventure and relaxation. In a digital age, it is essential to instil in children a love of books and the pleasure of traditional reading. ONDA's sloping headboard provides a comfortable support for books, transforming the cot into a cosy place where children can immerse themselves in stories, imagination and relaxation.