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by Bianconiglio Kids

TRANSFORMER Adjustable Learning Tower

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TRANSFORMER Learning Tower adapts to the changing needs of children. Give them a safe environment to participate in everyday activities. Find out more about Bianconiglio Kids

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The Magic of Montessori Transformation

Creativity and Transformation

Imagine being able to offer your child a world of play and learning with just one product.

Transformer is not just a Montessori tower, but a portal to a universe of possibilities.

It transforms into five unique configurations:

  1. writing desk
  2. high board
  3. vertical board
  4. horizontal board
  5. learning tower.

These options offer endless play combinations, ensuring that the fun never ends.

Safety First

The safety of your little ones is paramount.

KIDSAFE (sold separately)

With our Kidsafe Accessory, you can let even your little ones explore in peace, knowing they are protected from accidental falls.

Certifications and Quality

Your peace of mind is important to us. Transformer is CE EN71 certified, which means it meets strict safety standards.


Washable surfaces and non-toxic paints provide a safe and stimulating environment for your little ones. Every detail is designed to maximise their comfort and your confidence.

Aesthetics and Attention to Detail

Not only function, but also form. Transformer is finely finished by hand, with rounded edges and polished surfaces.


Security is key-friendly with the safe lock. Transformer is the only Montessori tower with a key lock as standard. A smart solution that offers peace of mind and total control. Every aspect of Transformer reveals the craftsmanship we put into every piece.

The only one adjustable in height

Transformer goes beyond expectations, offering a level of versatility and adaptability that makes every moment of play and learning an extraordinary experience. Its distinguishing feature is its transformability and height adjustability.


The importance of this feature cannot be emphasised enough. Fast-growing children have different needs at different times, and Transformer is designed to adapt to each stage of development. THE IDEAL PARTNER Whether your child is drawing on the vertical board, exploring the world on a platform, or focused on activities at a desk, Transformer adapts to children's evolving needs, providing a versatile and engaging growth experience.