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Revolutionary Transformation: The EVO Tower with Patented Mechanism

Explore the evolution of innovation with BianconiglioKids EVO tower, equipped with the revolutionary patented mechanism that transforms it into a comfortable highchair with safety side shoulders. This extraordinary creation is designed to grow with your child, becoming their favourite chair and a reliable companion at every stage of their growth.


Adaptability and Flexibility at New Levels

The EVO Tower remains height-adjustable, perfectly attuned to your growing child. The addition of the highchair accessory does not limit its versatility, as the highchair brackets and hook arrangement have been carefully designed to adapt to different floor positions, ensuring stability and optimal weight balance. The tower and high chair continue to offer precise and secure adjustments.

Seggiolone montato

Intelligent Safety and Elegant Design

The design of the EVO Tower with the mechanism for converting it into a high chair is a triumph of aesthetics and functionality. The sinuous lines gracefully conceal the complex mechanisms, while the safety hooks, which allow the highchair accessory to be attached, are masterfully hidden behind the harmonious curve of the footrest. This design not only offers aesthetic value, but also protects the child from accidental contact during transformation, ensuring a conscious and safe process.

Design seggiolone

Double Security, Extreme Practicality

The innovative double hook system provides exceptional safety during transformation. The double, independent safety hooks require a simultaneous movement on both sides to activate the transformation. This unique mechanism ensures that each movement is deliberate and controlled, guaranteeing maximum safety at every stage.

Double Protection

The high chair accessory transforms into a practical vertical bulkhead when the tower is in place. During the transformation, the high chair seat sits vertically, creating an additional protective bulkhead. This adds an extra level of safety, accompanying the safety crossbar and keeping your child protected in every situation.

Comfort and Safety: One Shoulder Up

The EVO Tower goes beyond traditional highchairs by offering two side shoulders that function as armrests and resting supports. This innovative feature not only offers the child a sense of security, but also allows the shoulders to be used as support when a moment of relaxation is needed.
The EVO tower with its patented mechanism is not just a chair, but a developmental companion that provides comfort, safety and versatility for your child at every stage of growth.

EVO Seggiolone configurazione torre