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KidSafe: The Patented Protective Sheet for a Safe and Empathetic Montessori Tower

Learning is an exciting journey, but for toddlers, every step is an adventure that must be approached with care. That's why we are proud to present our innovative accessory: KidSafe, the Protective Sheet for the EVO Learning Tower and TRANSFORMER. Created with dedication and designed with safety in mind, KidSafe is an essential addition to ensure risk-free learning experiences.

Accompaniment in the First Steps of Learning

We know how precious the initial phase of learning is. KidSafe is specially designed to support your child in their first steps on the Learning Tower. Made of soft, double-layered natural cotton, it offers gentle protection and a reassuring environment for moments of exploration.


Safety is Our Priority

KidSafe sits on top of the Learning Tower, acting as a protective curtain. This clever design is designed to prevent backward falls, ensuring that your child is always supported and safe while exploring the tower. Our Learning Tower is already sturdy and stable, but KidSafe offers an extra layer of protection for those moments when little explorers might feel a little unsure of their legs.

Freedom of Movement and Ease of Use

KidSafe is designed to be practical and functional. You can easily mount it on the Learning Tower EVO or TRANSFORMER in just a few moments. This protective cover fits perfectly on the tower, allowing your child to move freely when climbing up and down. With KidSafe, your little one can explore, learn and play without restrictions.

The Exclusivity of the White Rabbit Kids Patent

KidSafe is an accessory patented exclusively by Bianconiglio Kids. Our dedication to safety and quality is evident in every detail of this product. We want to offer parents the peace of mind of knowing that their children are learning in a protected and stimulating environment

Safety, Exploration and Innovation in One

KidSafe is more than just an accessory; it is a tangible demonstration of our commitment to providing products that embrace children's safety and curiosity. By providing a protected yet stimulating environment, KidSafe is a step forward in ensuring risk-free learning. With KidSafe, every moment in the Learning Tower becomes an opportunity for children to discover the world around them in a safe and empathetic way.