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Dondo Rocker Table: The Multifunctional Growth Companion with a Revolutionary Transformation Mechanism

If there is one thing we know, it is that every child is a little explorer with a world of discovery ahead of him. What if we could offer them a tool that not only stimulates their curiosity, but also accompanies them at every stage of their growth? We proudly present the Dondo Rocker Table: a handcrafted work of art with a heart of innovation, thanks to its patented transformation mechanism.

A Universe of Possibilities in One Design

Imagine a table, a picker deck, a tunnel, a rocker board and even a cradle, all wrapped up in one beautiful design. This is exactly what the Dondo Rocker Table offers your child. Each element is designed for little explorers to learn, have fun and relax, with a touch of magic.

The Perfect Growing Companion

Dondo is not just a gym; it is a real growth companion. Designed to stimulate your child's harmonious development, Dondo offers a wide variety of educational activities that go far beyond mere play. Through physical training, intelligence is developed, while movement and relaxation games alternating with concentration games stimulate psychomotor skills.

The Power of Transformation

What makes Dondo unique is its patented transformation mechanism. This engineering marvel allows Dondo to mutate into nine exercises for motor and cognitive development. Each stage of transformation is a new world to explore, from climbing and swinging to balance games and concentration activities on the two-seat desk.

Safety First

Safety is always our priority. The 'flattened' rolling point ensures a smooth rocking motion, and the automatic positioning mechanism of the tops in the rocking position self-fixes to protect children's hands and feet. The anti-tip design provides extra safety during play, giving parents the peace of mind they seek.

A Certified and Responsible Growth Companion

Dondo is made of high-quality materials and enjoys important certifications, including EN71 for toys, certified non-toxic paints and sustainably farmed wood. Dondo's ergonomics protect children's back growth, and its versatility allows it to be used from 0 months (with optional futon) up to 7 years, supporting up to 80 kg.

Dondo: A World of Fun, Growth and Learning

Dondo is not just a toy; it is an opportunity for growth, a tool that stimulates development at every stage. With Dondo, your child will learn, play and grow in a harmonious and stimulating way. It is much more than a table: it is a growth companion that transforms play into an unparalleled educational experience. Discover the world of Dondo and offer your child the opportunity to grow while learning, playing and having fun.