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by Bianconiglio Kids

FLAFFI CASE Changing table

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FLAFFI CASE is designed to be comfortable and portable and attach to 60x60 furniture or appliances. It ensures comfort and convenience wherever you go with your child. Find out more about Bianconiglio Kids.

It includes a FLAFFI mattress! 


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Elegance and Functionality in a Single Storage Unit

The FLAFFI CASE, handcrafted from solid beech wood, is a perfect combination of elegance and functionality. Its handcrafted construction guarantees superior quality and durability, offering an exclusive and refined storage solution for your FLAFFI mattress.

Non-toxic paints for your child's safety

The FLAFFI CASE is painted with non-toxic paints specifically for toys. This commitment to safety guarantees an environment free of harmful substances for your child. In addition, the paints are washable and waterproof, allowing for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Synchronised Design and Versatile Adaptability

Precisely designed, the FLAFFI CASE fits stably into furniture and appliances up to 60x60 cm in size. This makes it a versatile solution that can be easily integrated into different environments, providing safe and reliable support. Its harmonious design coordinates perfectly with the FLAFFI mattress, creating a cosy and coordinated atmosphere.

Robustness and Durability for Safe Changing

Constructed of solid beech wood, the FLAFFI CASE provides a solid and durable base during changing time. Its sturdy construction provides stability and protection for your baby, helping to make changing time safer and more relaxing.

Complete Diaper Changing Solution

The FLAFFI CASE is the ideal complement to your FLAFFI mattress, creating a complete nappy changing system. This case offers stable and protective support, preventing accidental movement and providing an extra level of safety during changing. Its dedicated design is intended to optimise your baby's care experience.

Commitment to Eco-Sustainability

The choice of solid beech and non-toxic paints demonstrates a commitment to eco-sustainability. The FLAFFI CASE not only offers a functional solution, but also contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment for your child and the surrounding environment. Its environmentally friendly craftsmanship is reflected in its beauty and positive impact.